I first started up Diamond Extra on July 16, 2018. I believed then, as I still do now, that this world was in need of a whole nother voice from the gun-totin', tea-drinkin' South! 
(Don't you go nowhere else yet, buttercup!)

What Kinds of Things Are Shared Here?

What you'll find on here has mostly to do with culture and social events! I'll dive into and talk about some broad topics 
from my own perspective involving:

  - Food & Recipes -  
  - Music -  
  - Art -  
  - Natural Settings -  
  - Testimonies -  

and more!  

What Kinds of Things Are NOT?

If you're hoping to see stuff like

  - "Liberal VS Conservative" Politics -  
  - Economics -  
  - Conspiracy Theories -  
  - Explicit Adult Content -   

then you're on the wrong site, bud.